Had be yourself day at sch, wore half uniform cuz have gymnastics n guides today… lazy to change :)) English lesson was fairly interesting today 🙂 haha. FUNNY LESSON 😀

Guides was okayy. 🙂 First we did testwork, we had to come up wif a skit, I did really badly 😛 Then we had footdrills which almost killed me… Then had good news me Rachael n Sabrina were chosen to join the seniors to march together, GAHHH. BUT I COULD BARELY CATCH UP… PFFFT. After CCA, some sec ones sat around the spiral staircase n bonded wif Delia heheh 😛 FUN 🙂 Anyway, tmrw n sunday hav kayaking, I shall try to enjoy 😀

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My very first post heheh 🙂 Anyway today was the first day of term 3. Soooo:

In the morning I got bored sitting in the classroom, so I went to the sunken foyer n stared at the rain… LOL. I know its stupid but, I WAS BORED 🙂 Den, ahemm, someone by the name of Sarah Tan heheeh 😛 tapped my shoulder n asked y I was staring at the rain HAHAHA. So after tat went back to the boring classroom, cuz a lot of ppl were there, n Sarah told me to go back HAHA LOLS.

Our new co-form seems nice… but look kinda scaryy. Blogshopping now 🙂

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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